5 ways ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ ruined my life

Hi. Erin here. This is obviously a post about a show where all episodes were released at once and I did little more last weekend than just watch all 8 episodes then the first five twice so, in case it needs to be boldly stated: spoilers are coming your way. But can you really SPOIL something that is going to bring you so much joy in the end? Who’s to say?

I have loved Wet Hot American Summer since the Fall of 2002 when I crowded into one of my best friend’s dorm room with some other #filmschoolgirls and watched it. I immediately became enamored with all the characters hanging out and tangentially involved in Camp Firewood.

Obviously it’s always immediate excitement then slight nervousness whenever any of these reboot or new seasons-of-something-you-love get announced. But with this one I was pretty much ALL excitement all and the time and I didn’t get a drop of nervousness. Phew.

Here are five ays Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp ruined my life:

1. Spent Many Hours Scrutinizing Paul Rudd’s Face

Paul Rudd’s not-well-worn face is well-worn territory (get it?), especially on the Internet but it’s downright shocking in this prequel. Everyone else looks different ages. (BTW everyone looks great and I love them) but everyone except Paul Rudd has gotten, understandably a teeny bit older (I mean it’s been 14 years since the first one). I’m just saying, Paul Rudd might be a delightful demon and maybe we should research his real age because he’s definitely a time-traveling vampire.

*note to self, write time-traveling demon vampire pilot starring Paul Rudd*

2. Can’t Believe I Wasn’t There to Help Gene Through His Hardships

Like Kenneth the page there are two things I love in this world. He loves “everybody and television” and I love “Chris Meloni and television.” So to say that 1/5 of my enjoyment of WHAS came from Chris Meloni is an understatement. It was like, 90% of it. And let me tell you, he does not disappoint in First Day of Camp.

Sure, he has to have some weird wig (gimme a bald Chris Meloni any day) but he pulls it off and more importantly we get to see the sequence of events that bring fridge-humping Gene into our lives. And that is important.

3. So Jealous of Michael Ian Black’s Outfits

You would think I’d come away from Wet Hot American Summer desperate for Elizabeth Banks’ clothes or Marguerite Moreau, but no – no in both iterations of WHAS I am DESPERATE for the tee shirts worn by Michael Ian Black.

As a part-time tee shirt connoisseur and collector, I pride myself in my ability to spot a good graphic tee. AND SPOT IT I DID!


4. Can’t Get That Song out of My Head

I mean, just typing that sentence made me start singing in a high voice. If it doesn’t do that to you then, well, I kind of envy you.

5. Will Never Laugh at Anything As Much As That Jason Schwartzman Scene

Okay this is the only spoiler-y thing and it’s necessary because it is SO FUNNY. When Jon Hamm shoots Jason Schwartzman in the head and he is shown “dying” in Janeane Garofalo’s arms, I died laughing. Could not stop laughing.

And let’s not forget my new crush, Chris Pine. (Okay I started really loving him in Into the Woods but this solidified it.)

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