The first ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ pictures are even better than we expected

It may be a few hours short of the long weekend, but we have a truly wonderful gift to help you get in the summer weekend spirit. The first pictures from Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp have just been released, and guys, they are a thing of beauty. Get ready to return to Camp Firewood, with the original cast from the 2001 film!

For those who haven’t experienced the glory of the original Wet Hot American Summer, lemme first encourage you to do so immediately. In the film, a group of hapless camp counselors barely make it through the last day of camp. The film was masterminded by David Wain (the same guy behind last year’s They Came Together) and stars a bunch of people who have since gone on to be mega-stars. We’re talking Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks just to name a few. Wain describes the film as being about, “that idea that you have one day to do all the things you wish you’d done but were too afraid.” It’s also about being romantically attracted to refrigerators, the Earth being in immediate peril, and of course, love.

And now the whole gang is back together! First Day of Camp will take us back to the start of the summer we already saw the end of, with the original cast reprising their roles. Michael Showalter, who plays Coop, summed up the absurdity perfectly: “We thought it was funny that in the original we played a bunch of 30-year-olds playing teenagers. Now we’re in our 40s and our characters are even younger.”

Check out these shots, and get ready for July 31, when the series hits Netflix!

From here on out, we will allow these images to speak for themselves. They’re incredible.

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