Bernard finds a tiger in the first teaser for “Westworld” Season 2, but it doesn’t look like anything to me

Considering it only clocks in at two minutes, the fact that the first teaser for Westworld Season 2 raises about two hundred questions is damn impressive. It also makes us so much more excited to return back to the park in 2018.

During the panel for the HBO show at San Diego Comic-Con, those in the audience were told that the show had only just gone back into production — but they still brought some footage along. And considering that they’ve only been shooting for a week, it is damn impressive that they’ve already covered so much ground in Westworld. Might need to start thinking about expanding the park, eh?

While the teaser doesn’t really establish where our characters are when the show picks up for Season 2, it’s clear that chaos is still all around them. Maeve and Lee walk into the Westworld control room only to find that everyone has been murdered, Dolores — on horseback — hunts down people with the help of Teddy, and most surprisingly, Bernard finds a tiger down by the river.

Yes, a tiger. As in, something that is definitely not supposed to be in Westworld, so maybe the park really has expanded. (Cough Samurai World cough.)

This trailer is pretty cool, but it still doesn’t look like anything to me. We’re just going to have to wait and see what Westworld does next to utterly blow our minds.