This “Westworld” theory claims the Man in Black is actually the older version of this other character

Hold the phone, Westworld fans. As if we hadn’t predicted this from the get-go, it looks like things are going to get even WEIRDER. The denizens of the internet have been hard at work doing what denizens of the internet do best — crafting theories about what’s to come, and blowing our minds with the possibilities. The most recent one to catch our eye is about the man in black, one of the apparent villains of the piece, and older man who’s been roving about the park massacring hosts in search of a secret sublevel.


In the last episode, he let slip that he’s been coming to Westworld for thirty years. Incidentally, we also met newcomer William for the first time in that episode, and get this…


Some fans think that William is actually the younger version of the man in black.


That’s right, folks. A redditor posited the idea after watching the episode and feeling as though William and Logan’s storyline were somehow taking place in the past… and then decided that it was possible that the man in black is the ultimate character development (or the opposite of that, whatev) for William. Other fans immediately picked up on this thread, and found further evidence of the theory.

The Westworld logo during William’s arrival looks different and more importantly… a little more dated.

Compare the logo during William’s story…


To the logo later on…


While there are obvious logical problems with this popular theory (for one, the park claims to change its storylines on the regular to keep things fresh, but the characters seem to not only be the same, but behave the same in both William and the man in black’s scenes. And doesn’t Dolores mention the “violent delights” quote to Maeve in the same timeline she talks to William? So even if we’re jumping time, it doesn’t seem hugely likely that William is anywhere but the present…) it’s definitely worth thinking about!

Especially since, hi, William is obviously destined to be a baddie. We mean, making him visibly choose between a white and a black hat? You’re destined for villainy, dude. We know it.

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to keep our eyes peeled for time markers going forward.

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