The one storyline from “Westworld” that NEEDED to be resolved because, like, come on

There are all sorts of plot threads to untwist and character developments to discuss after Sunday night’s episode of Westworld (yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m STILL FREAKING OUT, OKAY?), but I definitely want to talk about THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL OF THEM. That’s right, folks, I am making this claim, and I am confident in it. Yes, yes, we saw William become the Man in Black, Maeve go back to her daughter, and Dolores find true sentience. BUT the real question that is going to keep me up at night for WEEKS to come is as follows.

Is Prince Caspian (aka Logan, aka Ben Barnes) still riding around Westworld naked, tied to a horse, with a feather between his hands?


Because that is where we see him last. William undergoes his ridiculously fast character development as he goes from white hat-wearing sweetheart to total villain in the Westworld equivalent of a nineties rom com makeover montage. And instead of getting his hair done, he strips his brother-in-law to be naked, mounts him on a horse, and ties his hands to the pommel. (I have questions. For example: why?)

Anyway, after doing all of this, William slaps the horse’s butt and sends Prince Caspian careening into an entirely different Narnia novel, The Horse and His Boy. Point is, we never find out what happens to Logan.

Since the staff of the park was wholly unconcerned about William dragging Logan around for days (this is also unlikely since Logan is an Important Person with a share in the company, like, why did nobody interfere when his vacation became a hostage situation, um) so I can’t imagine they did much more than go “oh look at that” at Logan flying naked through the open terrain.


ISO: a Westworld writer to answer this pressing question, please and thank you.

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