10 tweets that describe how people felt about the “Westworld” season premiere

Westworld was without a doubt one of THE most anticipated premieres of the season, if not the year, especially since it was such a stop-and-go production — at times it seemed like we were never actually going to see it. While some weren’t so thrilled with the pilot, some were just confused, and some were torn there at least seems to be a consensus that the premise is just weird and wild (west-y) enough to keep us coming back for more (at least for the moment).

Twitter, obviously, is a great source for finding people’s real time reactions to just about everything, and the Westworld pilot was no exception.

Emotions were running high leading up to the premiere. Seriously. People were FREAKING.*

*no exclamation points were harmed in the making of these tweets, but they were, like, abused a little.


And of course once the episode started, people were INTO IT. Especially the music, which featured a lot of neat orchestral and otherwise instrumental covers of modern songs.

Clearly, everybody was hooked from the moment it ended.

…although some chose to express that in ways that made us a little nauseous, considering the content of the pilot. Nobody needs their bones to be that strong, okay, Walter?

Even though most tweeters were excited about the pilot, we all can definitely agree it was more than a little disturbing.

The episode definitely got into people’s heads — there are already cryptic tweets quoting the episode (even if the quote is of a quote), and we’re sure we’ll only see more of this as the season goes on.

And eeeeeverybody was WAY wigged by the ending, just like we were.

Natch, because this is the internet, there are already HBO multiverse conspiracy theories. Evan Rachel Wood for Mother of Dragons 2k16.

BONUS: everybody also clearly agreed that the opening credits were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, and so Entertainment Weekly took pity on our need to watch them over and over again and shared them with us.

So like, how many hours until next Sunday?

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