Everyone is having a no good, very bad day during the Season 2 premiere of Westworld

Welcome back to Westworld, the theme park that *looks* like it would be the most fun place to visit — cowboys! Adventure! Mazes! — but it actually just might kill you. Really. Even though the park has established itself as a “safe” space where you can do and try out anything, and the robotic hosts can’t hurt you, surprise! The robotic hosts can, in fact, kill you, and have started doing just that. Welcome to Westworld Season 2, which also happens to be the beginning of the host uprising.

Season 1 of the HBO show ended on a cliffhanger and a shootout, with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) basically becoming sentient, and staging a massacre. She kills Westworld head honcho, Robert (Anthony Hopkins, who no, is not back for Season 2) before picking off many other paying guests and Delos board members during a giant western-themed gathering. Elsewhere in the control center of the park, there’s another uprising thanks to the likes of Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), who are also slowly becoming sentient — Maeve very much so, as she’s managed to alter her controls (??!!) to give herself an extreme amount of security clearance. Way to go, Maeve. 

Oh, but that’s not the only death and destruction, as Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is dealing with the fallout of Dolores’ actions, and slowly begins to discover that half of the park’s guests are dead. The ones that are alive also quickly wind up dead and Bernard is blaming himself for everything, the death of the gusts AND the hosts.

OH OH and also he hasn’t clued anyone else into the fact that he, himself, is a host. Over the course of the episode, Bernard slowly begins to lose whatever host-grip he has on reality, which is quickly sending him down a dangerous path. Could he be the next host to break bad, and end up like Dolores? It’s quite possible, considering that he finds himself teamed up with Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), who tasks Bernard with finding the most important host in the park, and spoiler alert, it’s not Dolores. 

Rather, it’s her dad, Peter, a host who’s been decommissioned for some time…after he found that picture of William’s wife in the pilot episode of the series.

Is this enough to make your brain hurt? Same! And we haven’t even gotten to the fact that from beyond-the-grave, Robert is still playing with the emotions for the Man in Black, aka William (Ed Harris…and also Jimmi Simpson). There’s still more of the mysterious ~maze~ left for William to discover, and he’s still not going to rest until he gets to the bottom of it.

And we haven’t even discussed the fact that it’s confirmed that the Westworld park is on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. 

Is your head spinning? Same! While it already feels like Season 2 will have 50% less insane mysteries, the steaks are now 100% higher and everyone better watch their back. This looks like everything to us.

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