“Westworld” just slyly confirmed that yes, we’re going to be seeing another world during Season 2

Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, HBO put on a huge, immersive Westworld activation in one of the surrounding hotels. Available by appointment only — as is the theme park of Westworld — attendees got to step inside the Delos company and interact with some all-white wearing Hosts. Obviously I went, and when it came time to claim a white hat or a black hat for my time in Westworld, the Host gave me a BLACK HAT, and I’ve never felt more alive in my life.

(I also wore it around SDCC for the next few hours, and that’s the only place, outside of Westworld, where you can freely wear a giant, black cowboy hat without too many odd looks from those passing by.)

Anyway. We’re not here to talk about Man in Black Hat, we’re here to talk about Westworld Season 2, and how during the activation, there might have been a little clue slipped in as to what’s coming next. Actually, there totally was a clue hidden in Westworld — even though when I asked about the clue, the Host leading me around insisted, “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” 

The activation was set up as if you’re at the “arrival” point of the park, where many episodes ago William showed up and chose the white hat and his gun. The Hosts led me down a hallway, and at one point we passed a locked door. From behind the door, I could hear metal swords clanking together — and I’ve watched all of Westworld to know that there are no swords in the land. The sign next to the door called it “Research and Development” and the marker on the door had a giant SW.

As in Samurai World.


When I asked the Delos host about it, she said, “Doesn’t look like anything to me,” the same thing Hosts say when they see something not in their programming.

A few days later, during the Westworld Hall H panel at Comic-Con, a fan in the audience asked showrunner Jonathan Nolan if Samurai World would play a part in the coming season.

"How much do you want it to play a role in Season 2?" he responded, before he ALSO stated, "Doesn't look like anything to me."

Well, this sure looks like something to us, and we’ll see if we get white swords or black swords when Westworld returns in 2018.