“Westworld” has officially been renewed for a second season, but there’s a catch

If you’re a fan of Westworld, then you’re about to be as happy as Dolores picking up a can of milk. Because the tv gods are good, HBO has officially renewed Westworld for a second seasonBUUUUT…there’s a catch. We may not get to see the second chapter of this awesome-Western-theme-park-gone-bad story until 2018. And we’re not sure if we can wait that long! HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys explained to The Hollywood Reporter,

"With Westworld, because the production is such a big endeavor, I don't exactly know when [the second season will premiere] yet. I can't speculate other than to say it'll either be '17 or '18. Probably more like '18 [...] let's see how it goes."

Ugggh. 2018 is a VERY long time to wait considering there will probably be MAJOR cliff hangers at the end of this season.

All of us, right now:


Of course, we’re not at all surprised by this second season renewal because the show opened to VERY BIG numbers. An estimated 6 million people total have watched the premiere episode. And for comparison’s sake, according to THRWestworld is averaging a gross audience of 11.7 million total viewers, which is more than Game of ThronesAND True Detective during their first seasons.

And because Westworld is nothing without its mysteries, the show’s official Twitter account celebrated its Season 2 renewal with a wonderfully cryptic video.

Well, at least you have PLENTY of time to start coming up with new theories based on this mysterious clip before Season 2 of Westworld gets here!

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