It’s Sunday night, which means we have some more burning “Westworld” questions

Westworld is basically everybody’s new obsession, and there’s been no shortage of talk about it since it started airing a few weeks ago. The internet rumor mill has been churning with theories, but I’ve got to be honest, I’m way too caught up in all of the aspects of this show that make literally no sense to really pay attention to anything else. It’s fun, it’s pretty, we’re in the wild wild west with all sorts of debauchery and horses and thrilling heroics. We’ve got some semi-sentient AIs and a Man in Black running around massacring villages, but like… after every episode I just sort of which we’d spend five minutes doing some of the math to make any of this add up.

For one, let’s talk about how the hosts are allegedly reset every night so that their memories don’t lead to the sort of sentience that leads to, like, robot uprisings.

But Dolores fell asleep with Off-Brand Christian Slater and Prince Caspian in the park, and woke up the next morning still with them, not having forgotten anything that happened the night before. Obviously it would be super conspicuous for the park workers to go in and remove hosts from guests at night (especially since sleeping with the hosts seems to be high on everybody’s agenda), but it seems necessary if they’re trying to keep storylines in tact, and also trying to avoid THE EXACT PROBLEM THEY ARE CURRENTLY HAVING.

Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) and Off-Brand Christian Slater (Jimmy Simpson)
Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) and Off-Brand Christian Slater (Jimmy Simpson)

So sometimes the hosts have their memories wiped? And sometimes they don’t? But it seems like there are SERIOUS issues if not all of the hosts have their memories wiped at the same time, because then you have Delores remembering Maeve on a day when Maeve doesn’t remember Dolores and so forth… anyway, ISO a Westworld employee to clear up this seriously murky water.

Second of all, if Anthony Hopkins isn’t down with his dead ex-partner, Arnold’s, interest in making the hosts truly sentient. But apparently he’s engineering a storyline that ties in with Arnold’s maze situation — which means he is down with the hosts being sentient, right?


All we know about the maze that the Man in Black is after, now, seems to be that it can be found based on hints in the park and within the hosts (sometimes literally, i.e. that scalp the Man in Black keeps whipping out like it’s NBD), and that it’s related to Arnold (based on what the Man in Black said), and that getting through the maze can “free” the hosts (as Bernard said to Dolores.) If Arnold was keen to make the hosts truly sentient, this all gels.

The problem is that Anthony Hopkins was very clear that he is NOT down with the sentience situation, but the Man in Black’s conversation with Blonde Snake Lady revealed that Wyatt has something to do with the maze. Wyatt is a recent addition to the park to fit into Anthony Hopkins’ storyline. I just… WHAT.


Why did Maeve start making out with Hector in the end?

Maeve is grappling with her reality, and starting to remember memories that had been wiped, and being repaired by the Westworld workers. She gets Hector to dig a bullet out of her side from a previous incident, thereby proving to herself that her memories ARE memories, and not her imagination (although Bernard maintains the hosts don’t have imaginations, but I’ll get to that in a second). And so she’s bleeding, in pain, some guys are pounding on the door, and she’s just realized everything is a lie, so she starts… making out with Hector? Because nothing matters?


Sorry — this episode was obviously written by a man.

Speaking of Bernard, let’s talk about the severe cognitive dissonance the Westworld staff must have to get through their days thinking these hosts are just acting based on their programming. He said they don’t have imaginations, for one.


Bernard is obviously covering for the fact that he knows the hosts are getting a little too advanced based on his conversations with Dolores (when are these taking place, since Dolores seemingly hasn’t left the park in days? SOMEBODY PLEASE GET THESE WRITERS A TIMELINE) but also, the amount of times these things go WAY off script and start pontificating on existential angst is SO HIGH that in order for these workers to go about their day thinking everything is fine with their human shaped computers, they must be so far in denial that they can see Egypt.

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