“Westworld” made an inadvertently relevant joke about scary clowns in Episode 2, “Chestnut”

If you had a chance to watch Westworld‘s second episode, “Chestnut” one or maybe ten times already (HBO released the episode early on Friday), then your list of questions is probably growing faster than Maeve’s cognitive state.


However, while the show certainly gives us its fair share of mystery and high-brow concepts, we have to take a moment to appreciate all of the ~humor~ too.

Like the one thing Dr. Ford liked about Lee’s presentation…


And in Westworld‘s latest episode there was one joke that was ironically very relevant. In “Chestnut” we finally got a glimpse into a little bit of the orientation process for guests visiting the theme park. Aside from the endless whisky, eye-candy, and sleek architecture, we also learned that the Hosts give new Newcomers a kind of ~questionnaire~ to start.

There are the general health-related questions, but also some more personal ones, like what kind of things might scare a guest.

And what was William’s answer?


That’s right, CLOWNS!!!

And we have to agree with Billy because, ironically, scary clowns have been in the news…like, a lot…lately. Hello, creepy clowns in South Carolina?!


Given, when Westworld was being written the recent nightmarish clown epidemic hadn’t happened yet – but let’s be REAL, clowns are always scary, right? And people can’t seem to stop talking about them.

Even the King of horror himself weighed in on the issue.

We hear ya, Stephen, and you’re right! We’ll stick to thinking about the good clowns in the world and hopefully William won’t run into ANY in Westworld…

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