You might have missed this BIG little clue about the two-timelines theory on “Westworld”

Okay, for the sake of everything from here on out, let’s just go ahead and assume that the two-timelines theory on Westworld is in fact correct. Still not entirely sure what that means for the show, and the people actually in Westworld, because who exactly is in the past, and who is in the present, and HOW many timelines are there? IDK. As Westworld begins to wind down its freshman season, it feels more and more likely that this is in fact happening on the show — and during “Trace Decay,” Westworld dropped a big clue you might have missed that confirms this.

The likely two-timelines theory is that William is the Man in Black, and we’re watching their stories play out roughly 30-ish years apart.

While the MIB gave a big speech to Teddy about his past life (and even dropped the bombshell that he’s come back to the park, confirming that he’s been here before) it’s then who shows up to this little bro-party who’s really important.


This terrifying dude walks out of the forest. Who da fuq is he and why is he so terrifying? We’ll find out later. And he’s not just memorable because he tries to kill MIB and Teddy, but because in the next scene we see him again…in the Westworld command center.



Charlotte goes to talk to Lee (because she knows Ford is up to no good), and Lee explains to her that he’s working on Ford’s new narrative, which includes bad guy Wyatt. Charlotte is like, “lol, no you’re not Ford hasn’t give you that much power also he’s evil.”

And then she stops in front of a giant board of the new characters Lee is working on for the Wyatt story. The dude with the horns and the mask is THERE ON THE WALL.


If you ask me, this all but confirms that MIB and Teddy are in a different timeline, and further in the future than this Lee and Charlotte scene — and idk idk, maybe there are even THREE timelines going on? OG William and Dolores, and then everything happening in the Westworld command center, and then the MIB and Teddy drama further into the future.

??????? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

…or maybe Lee is just tinkering with this horned guy, from the past (OR THE FUTURE?) and that’s why he’s up on the big board. IDK WESTWORLD IS REALLY CONFUSING.