14 silly, yet totally true, “Westworld” jokes only true fans will appreciate

Guys, there are only TWO episodes left of Westworld this season and we’re not sure if we can handle it. And while Season 2 of Westworld may not arrive until 2018 (fingers crossed for late 2017 though!), there’s still plenty we can tide ourselves over with until then. First, there are TONS of theories involving multiple timelines, secret Hosts, and even anagrams (lookin’ at you Bernard). But even if we don’t get answers to these theories in the next few weeks, we can at least enjoy a few silly, yet totally true, jokes.

And FYI, there are technically spoilers ahead, so…fair warning!

1. Like this sad realization.

2. This truth.

3. You after every episode.

4. But you specifically after THAT episode.

5. You during basically EVERY episode lately.

5. When you see some of your favorite characters pop up ~outside~ Westworld.

6. How silly, YET TRUE, this is.

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7. What you’d probably be like if you visited Westworld.


8. Where people who can’t afford Westworld go.


9. One big ~fault~ with Westworld.

10. This truth.

11. What you felt like while watching the show early on.

12. This silly, but good idea.

13. This funny and somewhat ironic resemblance.

14. And finally, how the show probably all started.


LOL. Clearly we’re all loving Westworld A LOT right now, and we can’t wait to see what else unfolds in the next two weeks!

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