The “Westworld” finale is tonight and here’s everything we still need to know

The Westworld finale is tonight, and we are pumped. We have so many questions! (Warning: Spoilers to follow.) Below are some of our most pressing Westworld finale questions. These include: is William the Man in Black? Are there two distinct Westworld timelines? Is Arnold really dead? (For that matter, is Bernard? Is Elsie?) When will Dolores and Maeve finally meet up? Seriously, with every episode of Westworld that airs we are left with more questions than answers. Hopefully the finale will at least answer some of them. Specifically, the following ten:

Is William the Man in Black?

Will we ever find out the truth? It’s becoming more and more likely…

What is the deal with that Shakespeare quote?

Seriously, it’s like a verbal virus…

What is at the center of the maze?

We really, really want to know, now. Maybe not as much as the Man in Black, but we’re mad curious.

Just how many timelines is Dolores experiencing?

Dolores and Teddy, Dolores and William… what’s the deal?

What is Ford’s new narrative?

It sure sounds gory and more than a little complicated.

What’s the world like outside Westworld?

We’re starting to worry things are not as they seem outside Westworld, either…

Delos: Pure Evil?

Seriously, what’s their deal?

What does Wyatt have to do with anything?

He’s sure mentioned a lot.

Will Maeve ever escape Westworld?

We’re rooting for her!

And when will Dolores realize her true identity?

Her history is buried deep in that incredible mind of hers…now she just has to remember.

We’ll be waiting with baited breath as that gorgeous opening credit score plays for the last time (until season two). What theories will be proven right? And what answers will we be given that we didn’t even know we wanted? Darn it, where’s Bernard’s calming presence when we need it?

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