We’ve seen the finale of “Westworld” somewhere before — somewhere VERY familiar

Eeeeeverybody and their mother are talking about last night’s Westworld finale. There were theories on theories on theories about what was really going on floating around the internet from the word go, and many of the earliest theories were totally on point. From the moment William pointedly picked up the white hat, folks had an inkling he was the Man in Black and we were operating on two timelines; Bernard was pegged as a host early on; and of course there’s a gaggle of theories that were disproved.

The conclusion of the season, though, wasn’t something we necessarily saw coming. Westworld was definitely building up to some kind of human/AI war, like every single piece of media that has ever attempted to tackle synthetic people gaining sentience (yawn), but usually it takes more than nine episodes to get there.

However, the ending should’ve been obvious — Westworld is based on the 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton. You know what else Michael Crichton wrote? Jurassic Park, guys. DUH.

So, much like Jurassic Park, you have this old white haired man with a vision for what this world could be. You have him building a park and playing “god” with things that maybe should or should not exist, you have people entering and enjoying and loving the park, and then you have the things that have been caged getting wise to their captors and razing the world the wise old white haired man built.

The last episode of Westworld sort of felt like the midway point of Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs are out of their cages and wreaking havoc on the humans who took their harmlessness for granted.

Westworld is both a little more and a little less fun — more because releasing the hosts was Ford’s choice, and less because there are no dinosaurs in Westworld. Either way, I’m curious to see what the arc of next season looks like now that there are actual stakes in the show — humans can be hurt now, too, and the hosts aren’t necessarily going to be restored after dying, if everything’s gone mad — and also holding out for a Jeff Goldblum cameo.

Nobody in the world wants this other than me, but I want it enough for all of us, okay?

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