“Westworld” was nominated for 22 (!) Emmys, and here’s what Evan Rachel Wood had to say

Today’s Emmy nominations brought great news for Westworld, which tied Saturday Night Live for the most number of nominations. HBO didn’t have Game of Thrones in the running for this year’s Emmy Awards, but they did strike gold with Westworld, which earned a whopping 22 noms. Namely, Westworld is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, and stars Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, and Evan Rachel Wood received nods too.

That’s right, 22 WHOLE NOMINATIONS.

Everyone is, of course, psyched including nominee Wood who took a moment to react to the amazing news! She told Entertainment Weekly that she tries to not stress too much when nominations come out, but she is ecstatic:

“It’s wonderful. I’ve been speaking to my castmates all morning and I’m so proud of them and the show, and everyone involved works so hard on it and loves it so much. It’s just a wonderful feeling when it’s a perfect storm like this.

Clearly, Westworld is a collaborative effort because they also got nominations for writing, directing, production design, cinematography, costumes, and casting! Luckily, we will likely be getting a second season of the show in 2018 and Wood provided a little tidbit of information on what we can expect:

“Jonah and Lisa summed it up really well: The first season was defined by control, and the second season will be defined by chaos, she explained. “From the little that I know, they are not kidding. It’s even more ambitious than the first season, so get ready.

Ooohhhhh CHAOS, we love the sound of that.

Good luck to Westworld at the Emmys on September 17th. With that many noms, surely they’ll take home a big haul.