This “Westworld” deleted scene answers one big, burning question (and it’s hilarious)

With each question that Westworld answers, roughly 15 more burning questions pop up. The show is built upon this mystery and suspense, so don’t bother holding your breath waiting for everything to be answered, especially at the end of this first season (only three more episodes to go!). But, maybe you will sleep a little bit better tonight knowing that this burning question about Dolores has been answered, and phew. We feel so much better already.

As /Film points out for us, this question has been answered, in all places, in a Reddit thread. And it started as a joke! As mattdezine shares, he’s simply wondering where the heck all of Dolores’ paintings have gone — she’s living the same narrative every single day, and on many of those days she paints a landscape. So where the heck are they?

The real question no one is asking

Now when you post something in Reddit, you don’t necessarily expect to get a response, let alone a response from the show’s creator and writer. But that’s what happened next: In response to mattdezine’s question, Westworld showrunner Jonathan Nolan replied back with his own image — and one that appears to be a deleted scene from a previous episode, possibly the pilot.

Nolan captured this image with, “Doesn’t look like anything to me,” which is what the Hosts have been programmed to say!! Ahhhhh!!


It appears as if all of Dolores’ paintings are perfectly fine and hanging out in the farmhouse, she just can’t see them. Because she’s been programed not to see them. Even if she were to find them, she wouldn’t think they look like anything to her, because Westworld is crazy, and these are robots, and omg.

So maybe our new approach to Westworld should just be “ask, and you might receive a Reddit response.”