This “Westworld” theory suggests only THIS character knows how to solve the maze and we are intrigued

The world of Westworld has already proven a deliciously complicated and delightfully mysterious one, and we’re only a few episodes into the first season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you’re not yet caught up on the show!

While part of the excitement of the show is, of course, watching all the adventure go down, another part of the thrill is trying to figure out what is going on between each episode. That’s why we’re obsessed with this Westworld theory that says Dolores may be the only character who can figure out the maze.

She’s already the oldest and obviously the most sentient host (so far), so it does make sense that she’d know things others don’t.


Dustin Rowles, a writer at Uproxx, has a pretty convincing argument behind why Dolores would be the only one able to solve the mysteries of the maze.

First, let’s start with what we know.

The creator of Westworld, Dr. Ford, used to have a partner named Arnold. He and Arnold had a falling out about the nature of consciousness in the hosts and then somehow died in the park. We also know that Ford knows everything that happens in and around the park and showed us just part of his awesome power in an intimidating lunch last episode with Theresa Cullen.

So as much as we’d love to believe that Bernard’s intriguing conversations with Dolores are secret, it doesn’t seem likely.


What we don’t know is more interesting.

Because there’s so much mystery surrounding Arnold and his death, we can only assume that “the maze” will help unravel some of his lasting legacy. We know that The Man In Black has been trying to figure out the maze basically since we met him.

And now, thanks to some carefully placed hints from Bernard during their regular interactions, so is Dolores.


What you may not have realized is the *most* interesting.

There are already some pretty legit theories about Bernard being a possible host and therefore just another tool for the all-powerful Ford. But Rowles points out some juicy details about the Bernard and Dolores interactions that make their conversations even more enigmatic. Bernard once told Dolores, “You’re in a dream.” While we love to take phrases like that symbolically, it’s possible he actually meant that they’re conversing while she sleeps.

After all, every time Bernard and Dolores are talking, Dolores is completely clothed and wakes up after the conversation. 

So what does any of it mean?


TBH, who knows? But, if you follow down this theory’s rabbit hole, it could mean that the (unknowing) host, Bernard, is being manipulated by the powerful Ford to pick at Dolores’ brain while she’s in sleep mode in order to use her to unlock some of the keys about host consciousness that Arnold hid in the park in the ultimate form of “the maze.”

Or maybe not. We’ll just have to keep watching (and taking notes of every little hint and clue) to find out.