We can’t stop screaming about the ~big twist~ in “Westworld”

Okay — it’s not exactly a huge shock. Fans have explained how Bernard could be a host since episode one. But it was also a timely surprise and confirmation, because it feels like ages since something plot-y and twisty has happened on the show. Like, we get it — the hosts are gaining sentience, and all of the ethics and issues that come along with that are interesting, but again…we get it. Honestly, I almost wish this sort of thing had happened earlier.

And still, many people were speculating that Bernard was a host, but it would’ve been nice to have had the moment-slash-mission statement early on: You can’t trust that anything is as real as it seems.

There were lots of hints leading up to this reveal, too. Westworld definitely played fair with us on this twist.

I think the fact that Ford can stand Bernard is testament enough to his being a host, since Ford doesn’t seem to get along with a single other human being. Bernard was also easily persuaded by Ford to stay out of his way, which is odd, since it put his job at stake. Also, we never actually see Bernard interact with his family — his wife is only communicated with via video screen, and his son has passed away.

If anything, the reveal in the actual episode was too heavy-handed. Opening on Bernard bouncing between dreamstates? Duh. And the whole “Hey Theresa, I’m going to take you to this cabin in the woods, but no worries, the hosts can’t see it even if they’re looking at it” followed IMMEDIATELY by “What door?” was just like… REALLY guys?

Still, I’m excited about this development, and what it means for revealing other sleeper hosts in the future.

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