This accidental “Westworld” and “Arrested Development” crossover is pretty friggin’ great

While we delve deep into the mysterious ~levels~ of Westworld (IDK, according to the Man in Black there are more levels, anyway!), there have been a few funny details and even some cool crossovers we’ve come across along the way.

And the latest fandom crossover involves none other than our favorite dysfunctional funny family…

…the Bluths!


That’s right, Arrested Development‘s first family has actually managed to (inadvertently) infiltrate the uber cool and serious Westworld. And HOW you ask?!

Well, with the infamous Bluth Stair car!


This ridiculous vehicle of legend has been on many adventures – from helping inmates escape prison to letting people sneak up to windows – and now it can add “visited Westworld” to its list. Well, KINDA, SORTA, anyway.

Check it out.

There's always money in the Wild West theme park.

As eagle-eyed Westworld fan and Reddit user seeshores pointed out, the latest location outside of Sweetwater introduced to us in Westworld Episode 2, “Chestnut,” was the same location used for  Arrested Development Season 2, Episode 3, “¡Amigos!,” IRL. (This film production location has actually been used for a number of film and TV productions including ANOTHER HBO show Deadwood.)

And, frankly, we couldn’t help but LOL at this inadvertent crossover.

But, you know, we’re not TOTALLY surprised either, because that Bluth family stair car really does get around – it had a fun little cameo in Captain America: Civil War during the airport fight scene.


Obviously, this location crossover on Westworld and Arrested Development was not intentional, but it’s fun to imagine the Bluth stair car just zooming through town as the Man in Black hunts for his entrance to “The Maze.”

Can you imagine?!

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