Here’s what might be the only 15 seconds of “Westworld” we get until 2018

In the span between Game of Thrones seasons, HBO enthusiasts were introduced to a little show called Westworld. The cable channel’s sprawling saga about a theme park with robots that had gone rogue immediately captured our attention and left us coming up with bonkers — if not even crazier — fan theories than for those in Westeros. Westworld captured our full attention, and now the wait for Season 2 is brutal. (But hey, at least we have Game of Thrones back?)

The show isn’t expected to hit our television screens till 2018, which is literally so far away right now. We’re only halfway through the year as it is, which means we’ve got that much time and then some to wait to see what Dolores, Bernard, and the Man in Black are up to. At least in the meantime, we’ve got James Marsden’s Westworld training videos.

The actor, who played robot Teddy on the show, is gearing up for what comes next. In a video uploaded to Instagram, he shows off his gunslinger skills. Teddy was always pretty good at being a (robot) cowboy, but it appears as if he’s really trying to step up his game. false

And that begs the question…uh, why? What is Teddy preparing for?? The end of Season 1 of Westworld strongly suggests that things are about to change, and change DRASTICALLY — Dolores does become self-aware, remember. Should we be worried about Teddy making some drastic decisions, too? We know that the story will take place more ~present day~ without the use of flashbacks to William-pre-MIB. The MIB and Teddy aren’t all that chummy in the future, so could Teddy’s new skills spell trouble?

Or rather, is Marsden just showing off? Might be that. As far as we know, Westworld Season 2 isn’t even fully in production yet, and he’s only in rehearsal. And he will be in rehearsal for a while, as we all patiently wait to head back to the maze.