Funko is releasing a line of “Westworld” Pops! and they look like EVERYTHING to us

Want to be able to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Bernard at any given moment? Soon you’ll be abele to do just that after Funko unleashes their brand new line of Westworld Pops! for the world to enjoy. As far as we can tell, they can’t think for themselves…yet.

The annual Toy Fair is happening in New York City right now, and the big toy companies are unveiling their latest and greatest. Funko, the fun people behind some of our FAVORITE desk accessories, has just revealed that they’re rolling out not one, not even ten, but over a 100 different lil’ figurines (and keychains) including some of our most favorite pop culture things. There are soon going to be brand new Pops! for Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, and Bojack Horeseman.

But it’s these Westworld pops that have really caught our attention. TBH, these look like EVERYTHING to us.

Funko is going to release Pops! for Dr. Robert Ford, Delores, the Man in Black, Bernard, Maeve, Young Ford, and Teddy. We’re going to need ALL OF THEM.



Noticeably, there is no William. So sorry, Young-Man-In-Black, but it looks like none for you. There’s also no Logan, and honestly that is a GOOD THING. But, we would 100% take a Lutz, Hector, or Armistice (with or without her arm) if Funko is asking…

There’s no official release date for these new figures yet, but Funko promises they’re coming SOON. Start saving your pennies. At least bringing Westworld home with you will be like, $5,000,000 less than actually traveling to the park yourself.