This is what it would look like if Wes Anderson directed ‘Full Metal Jacket’

While their films may seem drastically different at first glance, directors Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson actually have a lot in common. Both have an affinity for symmetry and carefully curated palettes and long tracking shots. Anderson has often referenced Kubrick as one of his biggest influences — but it’s fair to say the two have their differences, too.

While Kubrick’s films often tackle the macabre, Anderson’s tend to skew more towards the quirky and fun. So what would one of Kubrick’s greatest and darkest films, Full Metal Jacket, look like with the notoriously whimsical Anderson at the reigns? As it turns out, perfectly delightful.

Mashable recently took on the challenge of remixing Full Metal Jackson into a light-hearted flick — and it’s easier than ever to see how Anderson was inspired by his predecessor. Complete with cheery music, dry humor, and Futura font titles, the parody trailer is a perfect homage to both. The trailer even credits all of Anderson’s favorite actors as the cast over shots of the original actors from FMJ.

Somehow, the super dark film about war and insanity takes on a much different tone when it becomes a sarcastic comedy filled with precocious characters. Check it out for yourself below!

(Image via video.)

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