Wes Anderson is making an animated movie and it’s totally about dogs

Wes Anderson is one of the most fascinating and interesting directors out there (in full disclosure, he’s also my favorite). Take any one of his movies, from Rushmore to The Royal Tenenbaums, to Moonrise Kingdom, and they’re all these perfect little stories set in art directed worlds and populated with certifiably quirky characters. His movies are bright, funny, and sometimes they make us cry. These are all reasons why we’re PUMPED to hear Anderson’s new movie is going to be all about dogs, according to Indiewire

Yes, (wo)man’s best friend will soon be starring in Anderson’s next film. Even better? It’s supposedly going to be a stop-motion feature, along the lines of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Not too much is actually known about the new movie, since its details were kind of slipped out by one of its stars, Jeff Goldblum (pause for a second to freak out that Goldblum is returning to an Anderson movie, after The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou). At one of his jazz show in LA (pause for a second to freak out that Goldbum has a jazz show), he told the crowd a few things, according to Nerdist.

One, that the new movie will be about a pack of dogs. Two, that it’ll be animated  and “Japanese-inspired.” And three, that he’s not the only big name in the cast. Joining him will be veteran Anderson actors Edward Norton, Bob Balaban, and Anderson newcomer, Bryan Cranston. Everything about this new movie so far makes it our soon-to-be favorite Anderson movie.

Anderson hasn’t officially confirmed that this is his next project, so hopefully we’ll get a few solid details about the film, plot, and cast from the man himself soon. But for now, we’re going to go ahead and speculate as to what kind of dog Bill Murray and Owen Wilson will voice (I see them as a cuddly St. Bernard and a Jack Russell Terrier).

(Image via American Empirical Pictures)