We’re so very intrigued by the latest Kardashian pregnancy theory

Okay, by now you’ve almost certainly heard of all the Kardashian pregnancy rumors floating around the world. As in, sources say that Kylie, Kim, and Khloé are all expecting babies. That’s right. Three new additions to our favorite reality clan, and all potentially within a mere few weeks of one another.

However, literally none of these rumors have been confirmed by the Kardashians/Jenners themselves.

Leaving many of us to wonder: What in the Kris Jenner is going on? Well, Buzzfeed just alerted us to a very convincing theory that the family’s silence is firmly connected to the fact that Season 14 of KUWTK premieres this coming Sunday, October 1st.

It would appear the theory is supported by many a Kardashian fan on Twitter.


If true, this strategy is pretty genius. Just think how many of us will now tune in to the KUWTK season premiere in hopes of getting some answers. It would also completely explain why all members of the family have been incredibly tight-lipped about confirming or denying any and all pregnancy speculation.

Buzzfeed also noted that the Kardashian-Jenner clan has a history of waiting to confirm rumors until the premieres of their show, citing things like Kourtney’s third pregnancy, Kim’s second pregnancy, and Kylie’s lip enhancements.

We here at HelloGiggles don’t like to assume anything rumor related until officially confirmed by reps or the people involved themselves, but we have to say, this theory has potential to be true.

Now excuse us while we make extra sure we have a place to watch the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 premiere this Sunday, October 1st on E! at 9 p.m. ET.

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