We’re totally loving this family photo of Vanessa Lachey’s children and massive baby bump

This September, the Lachey family announced that they were expecting to add one more to the family — and recently proved that baby Lachey can still join the family photos despite not yet being born. In this family photo posted by Vanessa Lachey, we get an incredible view of the new arrival in bump-form.

The couple already have a son, Camden, and a daughter, Brooklyn, so this baby will turn them into a family of five.

Both Vanessa and Nick Lachey announced the news this year with matching Instagram photos, which cutely showed the family celebrating outside of their new house. (Hey, with three young kids, you’re going to need some space!)

This photo of the kids, all settled, proves that Vanessa has such a loving and supportive family.

How cute is that?

Baby #3 will be pretty close in age to daughter Brooklyn, who was born in January of 2015. We’re sure that all three siblings are going to be pretty tight with each other growing up.

In June of 2015, the Lachey family were already considering a third child, telling E! that “if it happens, it happens!” Part of the reason why they’ve embraced so many kids? Well, they know that it’s important to sometimes make time for the relationship, as well.

"We do have date nights and we try to make that a priority," Vanessa said to E! "Truth be told, sometimes you're just so exhausted the thought of putting on makeup and getting dressed and putting on heels is the last thing you want to do. But once you're in the car, and out of the house, then you're appreciative of it…it's something that you need to put as a priority and it's something you need to make happen."

Solid advice.

A few weeks ago, Vanessa shared her adorable gender reveal. Baby #3 will be yet another adorable boy!

We seriously can’t wait to hear more about their third child, and truly wish them all the best!

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