We’re totally loving Bryan Cranston’s “Canyon Confessions” from “The Tonight Show”

Even though he recently made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, he’s moving far away from Walter White. In fact, these days, you might know Bryan Cranston best from “Canyon Confessions,” which he previewed a few clips of on The Tonight Show just last night.

Of course, the show co-starred Jimmy Fallon. And of course, it never actually happened outside of the Tonight Show stage, and their imagination. But, what they imagined is still pretty darn funny.

Cranston was actually on the show to promote his new book, A Life In Parts. Published this past October, Cranston is still making the rounds. You’ll also see him soon in Power Rangers, playing the role of Zordon. Surely in his mind, he scored the impressive gig based on his success with “Canyon Confessions.”

Just watch:


The best part? Probably when Fallon tries to kick that bird out of the shot during the first clip. It reminds us a bit of a Saturday Night Live sketch, all in all.

Really, we’re loving this not based on the recurring jokes, but based on the fact that it’s just another reminder that Cranston is an incredibly versatile actor. If he can play a young, long-haired base-jumper, what can’t he do?


Goofy humor is exactly what we need in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah, so this skit was pretty much perfect. We wouldn’t mind seeing more during future Cranston appearances!

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