We’re so jealous of this cat’s incredible air hockey skills

Just like we love to showcase talented people, we like to give credit to talented animals — especially felines. Since cats helped build the internet, it’s amazing to show off particular cats with extraordinary skills. Recently, one of our favorites has been a cat who’s extremely gifted at air hockey.

That is, if you’re willing to pretend that the wooden floor is an air hockey table. It’s definitely close enough.

Thanks to Reddit, this cat is getting recognized for being somewhat of an all-star goalie. With such focus and determination, he even goes so far to make sure that flying pucks don’t reach the goal. He’s definitely the kind of guy you’d want on your team.

Just watch. It’s almost mesmerizing.

Best keeper ever!

That last one was the most impressive. This cat definitely has incredible reflexes. That’s — uh — probably where the phrase “cat-like reflexes” comes from.

Seriously, why is Air Bud getting all of the sports films? Maybe they should consider making movies about athletic cats for once.

The gif was posted on Reddit by a user named Ketameme69. Since it was Reddit, it should go without saying that a lot of funny cat-related responses followed. Plenty of Redditors also tried to give this cat a hockey-related nickname.


Of course, since it’s the internet, he also got a little bit of criticism. (Light criticism, at least.)

"Not impressed on the first 4 blocks because it's right in front of him, but that last one? someone sign him a contract!" one Redditor stated.

Next time we play hockey — either on ice or in an arcade — we definitely hope to channel this cat’s prowess.

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