We’re so inspired by Justin Bieber’s words at the One Love Manchester Benefit

No matter what might have happened in the past, Justin Bieber proved he has a huge heart while performing at the One Love Manchester Benefit concert last night. Bieber was one of the many of the performers who signed on to sing, with proceeds going towards the victims and families of the deadly attack that took place in May.

While the performances by artists like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus were definitely moving, Bieber’s set included acoustic versions of his hits “Love Yourself” and “Cold Water.”

Before “Love Yourself,” the pop singer announced that he was so happy to be playing an event that truly honored love and community.


"What an amazing thing we're doing tonight, would you not agree? Would you agree that love always wins? What a better way to fight evil, with evil, than to fight evil with good," he said. "It's an honor for me to be here."

Before “Cold Water,” Bieber lead the audience in a chant of “Love.”


He also stated how love always wins in the end. Upon wrapping up the song, Bieber continued to spread messages of support.

"I’m not going to let go of hope. I’m not going to let go of love. I’m not going to let go of God...Put your hand up if you’re not going to let go," he said.

We love that Bieber decided to take part in such an important event. And we especially love the fact that he chose to play such beautiful renditions of his songs in honor of those we’ve lost.

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