We’re obsessed with these groovy, ’70s-inspired hairstyles!

Everything old is new again. At least that’s what you’d think if you were watching the runways this season. So what’s the latest beauty and fashion trend for the coming 2015 year? The ’70s baby, and trust me, you are going to dig it!

Before you start googling “Farrah Fawcett hair tutorials,” let’s talk about how to pull off this groovy trend. Just like with any new and exciting venture, subtlety and simplicity is usually best at the beginning. I know when we typically think of this decade, we envision lots of dramatic touches like fringe, suede and bright patchwork. Or Cher’s severely, straight hair. But if you look to the runways of Melbourne, Paris, New York and Milan where this trend has been photographed and re-created, you’ll see a modernized, fresh take on these vintage ideas. Everything old is new again, sure. But what makes an old look work is seeing it in a new, updated way and tailoring it for the modern woman.

We already know the name of the game with hair right now is relaxed, loose and natural. I’ve wrote a lot this year about letting go of those extensions, setting aside your hot rollers for a minute and just going a bit more low maintenance in general, encouraging the concept of letting your natural texture work for you. And we’re only getting more serious about this in 2015. In Paris, Chanel really took this concept to a new level by allowing each model’s natural hair texture to take center stage and add to the cool, relaxed vibe instead of tucking and pinning each girl into the same editorial look. In fact, they took the ’70s theme to a new level by having models carry protest signs boasting pro-feminism statements.

One of my absolute favorite examples of the modern ’70s look is from Kevin Murphy at Melbourne Fashion Week. This laid-back side style pays homage to the side-swept bangs and messy textured hair of women like Brigitte Bardot, but gives it a fun, California cool twist. To create it, he added texture to the hair, gathered the whole top section into an elastic and then looped it through. I think it’s the perfect way to channel the hippie-chic style that women like Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively pull off effortlessly today.

We certainly can’t discuss the ’70s revival without looking back to women like Diane Von Furstenberg and Donna Summers who brought sexy, bombshell waves and disco diva curls to the masses. With her focus on the feminine shape and subtle sexiness in her signature wrap dress, Furstenberg’s tresses complimented the theme and were often worn wavy and soft. Today, women like Amal Alamuddin and Zooey Deschanel often pull off a modern interpretation of the style. The smoothness, perfect amount of volume and the relaxed fall of the waves or even just slight bend of the hair take it from the runways of 1976 to today’s sidewalks. And Summers, with those big, voluminous curls and statement-making texture embodied a bold, edgy kind of sexiness that women like Solange and AnnaLynne McCord have made mainstream today.

When it comes to the fashion houses directly influencing fashion in 2015, John Galliano is another favorite. The rockstar vibe of each model’s hair calls to mind Debbie Harry circa 1976. The fringe, the piece-y waves and the layers upon layers that give a very modern, shag-like effect were the perfect mix of old inspiration and new ideas.

To pull off any of these looks, start with an intentional plan of action. If you have straighter hair, the soft, smooth waves a la Amal Alamuddin will be effortless and work with your texture flawlessly. Use a simple volumizing mousse and rock a classic round-brush blowout with minimal volume. To switch up your look, alternate between sleeker styles or more bend in the hair. If you have some wave, add texture with a product like Kevin.Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray and add a bit of bend with a wand for an effortless, “beach Bardot” look, as David Lopez calls it. If you have curly hair, rock your texture boldly. Add some edgy layers and consider even adding a fringe for a more obvious, retro look.

However you decide to try out this new style inspiration for the coming year, just make sure to pair it with a smile and some confidence. After all, the women of the ’70s definitely taught us that the key to owning anything is to do it for yourself. Because it makes sense to you. And that is always in season!

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