We’re obsessed with Blake Lively’s emoji necklace — here’s how to snag the look for cheap

Emojis have quickly become a regular part of our lexicon and for good reason. Why WOULDN’T we want to express ourselves using tiny animated faces that wear cowboy hats and cry-laugh in ways that perfectly sum up our inner dialogue. So, when we saw Blake Lively wearing an emoji necklace on her Instagram we immediately felt a surge of admiration and jealousy that can only be expressed with an emoji of a despondent Pusheen cat at the computer. Sadly and yet unsurprisingly, Blake Lively is making enough money that she can afford designer emoji necklaces from Alison Lou that sell at $485 a pop (HAHAHA).

Luckily for us, the world is full of similar cute necklaces that properly express our animated feelings and don’t cost a whole paycheck.

But first, let’s check out Blake’s flirtatious emoji necklace for reference.

That emoji looks ready to hit the town with her girls before blacking out.


Here are some equally expressive and more affordable options we’ve gathered!

Crescent Emoji Necklace/Bracelet/Earring Set from Amazon, $10


Now you can coordinate all of your jewelry with your emotions.

Glitter Emoji Necklace from J Crew, $15


This necklace is perfect for those days you feel silly and just want to watch the world burn.

Sterling Silver Heart Eyes Emoji Necklace from Etsy, $40


This little heart face is so pure and shimmery.

Blushing Smiley Face Emoji Necklace from Little Miss Twin Stars, $15


This emoji necklace expresses how we feel right after the cute barista puts a heart in our latte and winks.

The best part of these necklaces is you could literally buy all of them for a tenth of the price of Blake’s necklace.

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