We’re not sure if you can get through this entire video of disturbingly uncomfortable food prep

Usually we love watching videos of people making delicious food, quickly and perfectly chopping an onion. Or those videos of lifehacks, where everything goes off without a hitch and works perfectly. This video of uncomfortable food prep, and other tasks is not one of those videos. In fact, it might be the most unsatisfying — and somehow infuriating, depending on your personality type — to watch.

Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. A person trying to make a straight line with a ruler and his elbow accidentally moves the straightedge. Someone slicing a tomato and it’s all uneven and mushy. This person can’t even use a stencil to trace farm animals without messing it up. It’s so hard to watch. The video was made by Wundertütenfabrik, a German lifestyle page that posts ridiculous things like this video all day, every day. Even they were surprised at the success of the viral video. “What’s happening,” they captioned the video. Apparently it got around 4 million views in just three short hours.

It’s that captivating. And annoying.

The paper towel part might be the most real thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Are you frustrated yet? We are. Apparently these fail videos are like, a *thing.*Here’s another, animated one.

This one might be worse than the first one, actually. The dominoes are excruciating. These videos are a response to all of the “most ‘satisfying’ videos out there on the internet — there are a bazillion. According to some experts, these satisfying videos — like watching ice cream swirl and swirl or someone methodically chop a veggie — can actually relieve stress. The reasoning is pretty simple: In an effort to manage our moods, we turn to things we like. Maybe that’s zit popping or ASMR videos. Maybe it’s watching cute cats play with each other. Either way, for a few minutes, all is right with the world.

If satisfying videos can relieve stress, than these two might make you a little more anxious. We’re so sorry if we’ve ruined your day in any way. Here’s a one to pick-you-up.


You’re welcome.