We’re loving this super simple day-to-evening holiday makeup tutorial

With the holidays happening literally right now, achieving a flawless look that’s both easy and realistic is at the top of our wish lists. This is why we’re loving this super simple day-to-evening holiday makeup tutorial, thanks to professional makeup artist Samantha Chapman from the Pixiwoo YouTube channel.

She and sister, Nic (also a professional makeup artist!), are known for their Youtube makeup tutorial videos, and they have videos on everything from how to wear a glitter lip to how to achieve Blake Lively’s makeup look.

And seriously, there’s nothing better than walking into the big holiday party looking like you’ve got your life together.


Thanks to Sam’s near 7-minute video, you’ll be able to start off with a simple base layer that will only need a few quick tweaks to transition you to evening. So it’s perfect for when you have to go somewhere after work, or for when you want light makeup while spending the day with your family and then need to run out for an evening hang with friends.

via giphyThe look starts relatively simple. Then once you’re ready to dramatize, it’s all about a darker shadow in the crease, gold glitter liner above the black you’ve already drawn, and a little gold on the inner rim of your bottom water line.

Follow-up with a dusting of pink blush, pink gloss and false lashes to really complete the holiday look and you’re all set to wow everyone who looks your way! Happy holidays, gorgeous!

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