We’re loving these hilarious delivery room tips that Ryan Reynolds gave expectant fathers

Not only is Ryan Reynolds an experienced father, but we have a feeling that he’s a hilarious Dad as well. That’s why any kind of tip from him is a tip worth taking. Fathers-to-be might want to check out the funny delivery room tips that Ryan Reynolds offered up for GQ, since not only are they amusing, but they’re incredibly true. (Let’s just hope that Reynolds himself didn’t commit a labor faux pas when Blake Lively was bringing their adorable children into the world!)

Reynolds, who’s 40, just had another baby girl in September. While her name hasn’t been made public yet (which is pretty refreshing, really) she’s the little sister of the couple’s almost-2-year-old, James.

So, that means that the advice Reynolds gives is definitely fresh.


Fingers crossed that shooting this video was the first time Reynolds actually uttered the phrase “At your cervix!”

 Of course, the short segment is filled with so many gems.

"You really want to realize that you're pretty much the least important thing in the room," Reynolds notes. "It's gonna go your wife, your baby, the doctor, a nurse, a doula if you have one... the air."

Reynolds also suggests that you should be in the room with your wife when it’s all happening. This is probably one of the most important tips of all, since without some support, labor just seems that much more impossible and terrifying.

With all of this good parenting advice, it looks like the next step for Ryan Reynolds should be writing a book!

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