We’re in love with CoverBoy James Charles’ stunningly spooky Ouija Board-inspired makeup look

He’s gone and done it again: The 17-year-old makeup artist and recently crowned new face of CoverGirl, James Charles, has blown us away with his recent foray into the trend of Ouija board-inspired makeup looks that elevate the concept of communicating with demons into a full-on exploration of the lines between costume and glamor. Although, we’re sure as Charles has become Cover Boy and navigated the worlds of beauty and fashion, he’s also been forced to battle a few demons as well.

It requires an awe-inducing level of makeup artistry to be able to make your face resemble the abstraction of a Ouija board while still somehow looking glamorous, but given Charles’ insane contouring and highlighting abilities, it’s hardly surprising he elevated this look.

The mascara on his third eye looks better than the makeup on most of our real eyes.

The span of his looks are certainly not limited to Ouija boards; Just a week ago, Charles transformed into the Playboy Bunny.

He’s a very cute bunny.

He’s even channeled the pop art aesthetic of Roy Lichtenstein in one of his recent looks.


At this point, we have full faith that CoverBoy James Charles can achieve any abstract makeup look he sets his third eye on.

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