Our favorite Twitter account about dogs is now also our favorite video game

If you’re not already following WeRateDogs on Twitter, you’re just not doing Twitter right. @dog_rates is one of the best accounts that we know, and it’s filled with adorable dog pictures, hilarious jokes, and even powerful political messages harnessing the power of cute puppies. WeRateDogs even supported the protests against President Trump’s Muslim Ban, putting their platform to use.

All the dogs featured by @dog_rates are undoubtedly good dogs that brighten up our lives, but now they’ve got something new to share.

Now, WeRateDogs also has a mobile game called Good Dogs.

Because they’re good dogs, Brent.

In the game, you can play as a dog collecting bones and avoiding obstacles to unlock even more good doggos and puppers. When you hit an obstacle, you get fun error messages like, “Dispupointing 2/10 would definitely still pet tho,” and, “Oh h*ck 4/10.” Keep running long enough and you can help your dogs level up and earn more points. Check it out.

Fans of the Twitter account are already having fun with the game and picking their favorite dogs to play as.

The game only came out two days about, but committed competitors are racking up the achievements.

But that’s not the only game that WeRateDogs is interested in today.

WeRateDogs is also live tweeting the year’s biggest face-off: the Puppy Bowl.

(Super Bowl? What’s that?)

And they’ve got some strong insights so far.

If you follow WeRateDogs on Instagram, you know they’re livestreaming the event too. And it’s amazing.

WeRateDogs is the most pure Twitter and Instagram we’ve ever seen — and playing their new Good Dogs mobile game is the only thing we want to to do today. Cancel that party you’ve planned today and throw out your seven-layer bean dip.

We’re staying in.

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