WeRateDogs shared the most pure Snapchat story yesterday, and our hearts are bursting

You already know and love WeRateDogs, one of our favorite Twitter accounts. Their inspired (and adorable!) tweets are what get is through the day. (And some tough political times — WeRateDogs’ Muslim ban tweet was inspiring.) But what you might not know is that WeRateDogs isn’t just a Twitter account. It’s also an Instagram. An online store. And, as of recently, a mobile video game called Good Dogs. Most importantly, they’ve also got a Snapchat.

And yesterday, WeRateDogs shared the most pure Snapchat story we’ve ever seen.

Puppies — puppies, everywhere!

WeRateDogs sent a member of the team out to play with eight perfect pups, and they captured some of the most incredible snaps we’ve ever seen.

They had puppies with fun app stickers.


Sleepy, snuggly pups.


And playful little pooches.


They also introduced some of the teensy tiny guys and gals — though not all eight puppies have names just yet.


WeRateDogs explained on their story, “These are 5-week-old Dudley puppies. They are white labs that have the most recessive hair color gene. They have pink noses and will have blue/green/yellow eyes.”

They also explained that they’d driven over 6 hours to play with the pooches. “100% worth it,” they wrote.

But their snaps weren’t just cute puppy pics. They also had that trademark dog rating humor.


Basically, this Snapchat story was the best thing that we’ve ever seen. Same goes for a lot of other followers who went gaga for the pictures on Twitter.

We can’t think of a single reason you shouldn’t follow WeRateDogs on Snapchat. After all, they’ve know all about Snapchat etiquette.

And just look at this face.


Follow them on Snapchat at @WeRateDogs. We’ve got a feeling there’s a lot more greatness yet to come.

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