Wendy Williams did her best to “fall pretty” even while fainting, proving she’s the ultimate stunt queen

If you’ve been off the grid for the last week, you might know not Wendy Williams fainted on air. She told her audience that she passed out because she was in a tight costume, overheated, and was dehydrated. Wendy Williams has continued to say she’s fine, and we’re glad to hear it. But what is truly amazing is Wendy’s thought process as she was fainting. If you’ve ever fainted, you know it’s hard to think anything other than, “I don’t feel good.” But when Wendy Williams does it, it is, like anything she does, with single-minded focus.

In a segment with Good Morning America, Wendy opened up about her thoughts as she was going down on air. On the show, she was getting ready to start her costume contest on Halloween. But the Statue of Liberty didn’t stand too tall as she began to get bug eyed before falling to the ground.

Wendy points out that no one came to her aid because her they thought she was playing a trick on them and her audience for Halloween. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and Wendy and her fans got quite the scare. But ever the professional, Wendy Williams stood up, finished the show, and then went to the doctor to find out she was fine.

But while talking to Good Morning America, Wendy expresses that she only had two thoughts while fainting.  She had to fall pretty and make sure she kept on the crown.

And honestly, Wendy Williams managed to do both.

When she fainted, she was the epitome of grace. She even held onto her crown as only Wendy can.


As she talks about it in the video, it is clear that Wendy Williams made sure she is perfectly healthy. And she wanted to let her fans know that she isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And we’re happy about that because she’s coming up on her 15,000th show. Wendy Williams is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing her get up and finish the show is amazing.

Just make sure if you ever have to faint, that you do it the Wendy Williams and fall pretty.