Wells Adams Urges You to Wear a Mask for Immunosuppressed People like Sarah Hyland

"You potentially could get the love of my life (or someone like her) sick."

Wearing a mask during a pandemic should be easy. But, because some people are still choosing not to participate in helping out the greater good, Bachelor franchise star Wells Adams shared a message pleading for people to wear masks in order to protect immunosuppressed people like his fiancée, Sarah Hyland.

“My fiancé, the love of my life is a kidney transplant recipient,” Adams wrote on Instagram on July 15th. “That means she’s on immunosuppressants. That’s medication that makes her system NOT reject a foreign body, ie. someone else’s kidney. That means she has a very weak immune system.”

Hyland has had two kidney transplants in order to treat kidney dysplasia, which occurs if the kidneys did not develop normally in the womb. The Modern Family star has been open about her surgeries and her experience with the condition, including how it’s affected her body image and mental health. 

Now, Adams is speaking on her behalf in the hope that people understand wearing a mask isn’t just for themselves, but to help others, whether they’re immunosuppressed like Hyland or otherwise at high risk for getting seriously ill due to COVID-19. 

“So for those of you out there saying ‘listen, I’m not going to get this virus, I’m fine. I don’t need to wear a mask.’ You may be right,” Adams wrote on Instagram. “You probably would be fine. But if you were to get it and not wear a mask around her, you potentially could get the love of my life (or someone like her) sick.”

So for the last time, for the people in the back, wear a mask!” Adams wrote.

He concluded, “We are all in this together, and, if you were to find out that you got someone sick and could have prevented it, it’s something that you would have to live with for the rest of your life. So in closing, please don’t hurt my fiancé. I’d like to grow old with her. Thank you for coming to my #wearadamnmask talk.”

Basically, Adams is trying to guilt anyone who is not wearing a mask into doing it—and he’s right to! With the way coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads and the varying ways it affects people, everyone needs to do their part and not just to protect themselves. Wearing a piece of fabric on your face can literally save lives. Keep it up, or get on board.

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