The wellness trend you should try this month, based on your zodiac sign

The hashtag #selfcare was everywhere in 2018, and by the looks of things, our focus on wellness and health is going to continue to evolve in 2019. With so many wellness trends out there, it’s hard to decide which one would most benefit you. Luckily, we have astrology to help us out. Because each zodiac sign has specific needs, in addition to unique blocks that might hinder what’s best for our holistic well-being, putting the cosmos in charge of our self-care needs is the simplest solution. That doesn’t mean you can’t try another one eventually; this is just an easy guide to help you get started.

So whether you’re a Gemini who needs to quiet her busy mind, a Taurus who should focus more on eating whole foods, or an ambitious Capricorn who could use yoga to help her chill out, here are the best wellness trends you should try this month, according to your zodiac sign.


You’re impulsive, fiery, and always on the go, Aries, which is why it’s important for you to chill out once in awhile. You love staying physically active, so trying out a Pilates class might be the chillaxing compromise you can make.


You love snacking on your comfort food, Taurus. While indulging your senses is necessary in life, it could be a good idea to try mindful eating, in which you focus on the experience of eating while dining on nutritious food.


Your mind and mouth are constantly moving, Gemini. To help you slow down and focus, you ought to try meditation. Even committing to five minutes a day will work wonders.


You’re a sensitive soul, Cancer, whose go-to is to retreat when things become overwhelming. When your emotions become too much to bear, consider journaling your feelings; it’ll allow you to both process and understand them better.


You love being around people, Leo, but recharging your batteries will soothe and improve your energy in beautiful ways. Consider embarking upon a solo retreat, or even trying vipassana, a Buddhist form of meditation. (And, yes, that means no phones.)


Sometimes you’re just too hard on yourself, Virgo, and you forget that you need a little help and soothing too. While reiki healing might be a little “out there” for your analytical mind, you’ll be surprised at how much your energy will refine and recalibrate as a result.


You’re all about keeping things in balance and harmony, Libra, which is why you should Marie Kondo your life. Of course, you don’t have to tackle everything at once. Tidy up and organize one area of your house, room, or life, one step at a time.


You’re always down for a little occult and “woo woo” business, Scorpio. While your tendency is to go toward the dark, try going toward the lighter side of life with some crystal therapy.


When you’re always on the lookout for the next big adventure, Sag, you can’t take the time to slow down and decompress. Try to incorporate at least one rest day per week and treat yourself to a massage.


You’re as type-A as they come, Capricorn, so you rarely take the time to relax and chill out. Which is why yoga might be your lifesaver. You’re still getting a workout in, but you’re also focusing on your breath and being in the present moment, quieting your busy mind.


You’re an independent free spirit, Aquarius, who likes to try the latest “out there” craze. Flotation therapy might be your jam to help you leave your worries behind.


You’re emotional, Pisces, and tend to withdraw when you’re feeling feels. But sometimes aggression action can be just as soothing and relieving. Consider trying a sport like boxing, which can help alleviate stress in an empowering way.

No matter how you choose to take care of yourself, bbs, just ensure you’re taking the time for YOU. Because while self-care is “trendy” right now, it’s also an essential part of life.

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