We’ll never stop screaming over this MAC and Betty Boop collab

From the moment everybody’s favorite flapper, Betty Boop, made her first appearance on screen in 1930, audiences have adored just about everything about her — she’s an icon! Almost a century later she still has legions of devoted fans like us who are obsessed with her aesthetic, so you can imagine our delight when we found out that MAC is releasing a Betty Boop lipstick next week. We didn’t see this coming and we are so jazzed about it that we want to leap up and do a little dance!

Betty Boop is a legend because she represented a generation of women who were seeking liberation in every aspect of their lives. She’s notable for being the first animated sex symbol, as well as a symbol of the Depression, and a reminder of the carefree flapper days of yore. These days, we love her for the same reasons because she’s a representation of an independent young woman who isn’t afraid to harness her sexual power while still being cheeky, smart, and fun!


The MAC Betty Boop Red lipstick will be available in North America on Valentine’s Day, February 14th for $17 in the US and $21 in Canada.


It will be released internationally in May of this year!

The lipstick is a bright, true red that will absolutely flatter all skin tones. Aren’t we always on that desperate hunt for the perfect red? We can’t wait to add this beauty to the collection. It’s perfectly vintage and insanely sexy.We can’t wait to try it out!

MAC is the perfect brand to release a Betty Boop themed lipstick, their aesthetics totally jive and they get Betty’s legacy and look.

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We have a feeling that Betty approves of this spectacular lipstick!

Get your own Betty Boop lipstick online this Valentine’s Day!

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