There is true power in a signature makeup look, and this will inspire you to get your own

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of signature makeup — signature anything, really. I love the idea of taking something and making it my own. While there’s a lot to be said for experimenting with different looks, a woman with a cultivated, personal makeup style just seems to have reached a whole ‘nother level of cool, like some kind of cool-factor nirvana.

The way I see it, a signature look that you remain loyal to is a sort of like wearing a badge that you’ve earned by discovering who you are as a person. And, hey, knowing yourself is always in style.

With the emergence of bloggers, Instagrammers, and internet whatever-ers, women today have more style icons in a single generation than ever before.

But icons aren’t renowned for being walking hangers for the latest fashion. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves with their unique take on personal style. “Personal” being the operative word here. As a woman grows into her style, her makeup often grows to reflect that. Sometimes icons are known to shake it up, but — like their outfits — their face normally follows a tried and true formula that works for them.

If you’re searching for your own signature beauty look, these trademark makeup looks are sure to inspire you to find your own.

Jeanne Damas’s makeup is an easy look to parse!

Natural, groomed brows, bare skin, a thin line extending just beyond the eyes, and a bold, rough lip sums up the look she creates daily. Also notable is the absence of mascara. This is a look that is never really perfect, and that alone lends loads of charm to Jeanne’s style.

The core tenets of Aimee Song’s go-to makeup look are dewy, glowing skin, a smokey eye created by strategically layering neutral shadows, and a peachy lip color.

Although quite a few products go into a look like Aimee’s, her makeup always appears understated and feminine. It’s the perfect contrast whether she’s wearing a masculine, tailored style or a t-shirt and jeans!

Nicolette Mason makes it clear that a classic cat-eye is always appropriate.

Although it’s often obscured by one of her many chic sunnies, the staple of Nicolette’s makeup is a thin black line, winged upward just a bit, and a generous dose of mascara that makes her eyes pop. Her choice of lipstick always seems to goes perfectly with her outfit — a vampy burgundy paired with an all-black ensemble, or sweet shade of pink with a girly dress.

When Caroline de Maigret wears makeup, it’s just as laid back and cool as her style!

Her formula consists of a smudgy, lived-in eye and a nude lip. Her makeup is as casually sexy as the paradoxical men’s shirt she wears so well. It’s definitely got it going on in the nonchalance department.

Gabi Fresh’s makeup is pretty much dripping with old Hollywood glamour.

Her look often consists of a red lip paired with bold brows, neutral shadow, classic black liner, and super lush lashes. She also creates a very natural contour by applying a bit of bronzer on the caves of her cheeks. This fearlessly feminine combo works incredibly well with her mix of classic and trendy styles.

So, maybe we don’t need the perfect makeup to look put together, but it’s more about being consistent.

My own look remains pretty much the same every day unless I’m going somewhere special, but instead of that feeling boring, it feels incredibly comfortable.

I start with the IOPE Air Cushion XP Natural in C13, which provides light coverage, and skip blush, bronzer, and concealer. Next, I apply the Clio Pen Liner in black or brown, depending on my mood, as close to the lash line as possible. I go over the line with the Karadium Shining Pearl Smudging Eyeshadow Stick in #6 Chocolate Brown to soften the liner a bit. To finish off my eyes, I like to apply one or two coats of the L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara in black to the top lashes only.

If I’m in the mood for a bolder brow, I’ll fill in any sparse areas with the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in #2 grey brown. And the one thing I always apply is brow mascara. Right now I’m loving The Face Shop Designing Browcara in dark brown, because it’s basically Glossier’s Boy Brow, for half the price. For my lips, I like to use the By Rosie Jane Cheek & Lip Gloss in poppy, which provides an incredibly hydrating punch of color that leaves behind a subtle stain.

Are you searching for that special look to make your own, or do you prefer to switch up your makeup personalities?

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