The perfect way to show your love for ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’

A few months ago we found out that a sequel to the ‘90s cult film Welcome to the Dollhouse was happening. While this was no doubt exciting for fans of the original movie, it’s supposed to revolve around a dog, and not the first film’s beloved protagonist, Dawn Weiner (played by the wonderful Heather Matarazzo.) If you’re a fellow fan who is bursting with nostalgia for Dollhouse, I’ve got the perfect cure: this Dawn Weiner patch.

This iron-on patch shows the one and only Dawn in her iconic outfit: polkadot crop top, glasses, bubble hair ties and earrings, sippin’ on some punch. That would have made an AMAZING Halloween costume, BTW. Wearing this patch will be the coolest way to honor the original Miss Weiner even if she might not appear in the WTTD sequel. Stick this baby on a backpack or a jean jacket ASAP! And if you were like, “Hmm…I wonder if this comes in a nifty lapel pin, too?” IT SURE DOES

Dawn Weiner iron-on patch, $7

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Product shots via Bowerbird Emporium.

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