This is the weirdest reason we’ve ever seen a baseball game delayed

What’s better than a baseball game mascot?

How about a tiny, furry, adorable, real animal mascot?

Earlier this week a minor league baseball game in was interrupted by a cute, tiny sheep running loose around the field. The game in State College, PA between Class A Batavia Muckdogs Marlins and State College Spikes Cardinals was brought to a halt when a sheep broke through the mascot’s entrance and partied on the field.

To make this story even more hilarious the sheep was there to be a part of a promotion with the primate entertainer “Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey” riding sheep around the field. Our hero sheep, however, decided to make a diva entrance early when the State College Spike’s mascot, the “Nookie Monster” entered the field in the 6th inning.

Poor little guy just wanted to help. Or play baseball. Either way, we fully support this sheep!

Twitter, of course, had a field day with some great sheep-tastic commentary since this is still a baseball game we’re talking about:

We honestly don’t know what’s more fantastic, this cutie pie sheep’s earnest and sincere break for freedom, or the fact the sports commentators didn’t break character for the entire segment and narrated the sheep’s entire entrance and exit from the field. But no matter how you spin it, this was a pretty delightful baseball surprise and a completely adorable reason to delay the game.