These are the weirdest baby names, according to Reddit

Whether you’re expecting a little one or not, you’ve probably noticed it’s more and more common for parents to give their babies unique names. So far in 2016, the most popular baby names include Astrid, Wren, Kai, and Rhys —and some people have *feelings* about these unexpected names.

In a recent conversation on Reddit (started by user happyhapsy), users discussed the strangest baby names they’ve come across.


The thread received more than 500 comments by users sharing some of the most eccentric names they’ve ever heard. Some were just creative spins on the spellings of more common names, like Aliviyah for “Olivia” and “Airwrecka” for Erica (which is actually sort of badass if you ask us). Others posted cheeky comments just pointing out celebrity kids’ names, like North West and Harley Quinn (which, again, totally badass, so great job Kevin Smith).


But admittedly, some were just totally out there, like “Little Sweetmeat,” “Jedi,” “Grunka,” “Dixit,” and even “Country Music.”


And some were actually sort of cruel, like “Melanomia” – which is one little letter away from a literal cancer. Eeeek.

One redditer pointed out that they know of a baby named Baby, which is like, very meta.


A lot of feelings about “Mhavryck.”


Some think maybe “Beberly” was just a birth certificate spelling error.


One redditer just thinks you should read more, okay?


Honestly, whatever floats these parents’ boats is fine by us — because if one thing’s for sure, people with unique names are born standing out from the crowd. And hey, that’s never a bad thing.

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