6 *weird* tips to cool down in the heat that actually work

  1. 1. Keep your pillowcase or a stuffed animal in the freezer until it’s time for bed.


2. Win your own personal wet t-shirt contest by making a t-shirt (or camisole) soaking wet and wearing it until it air-dries!


3. Store your moisturizer, body lotion or aloe vera in the fridge so it’s EXTRA refreshing when you slather it all over.


4. Drape your necklace (or, heck, your entire outfit) over the A/C before you get dressed.


5. Drink warm or hot drinks, because your body will lower its temperature to compensate. If you can manage, it’ll actually cool you down!


6. Toss some pillows into your *clean,* empty bathtub and chillax like you’re on the couch. Sounds weird, but it might just be the coldest spot in the house.


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