Weird Things Siblings Do Together as Kids

Having a sibling can be so great. You have a built-in friend who may or may not look like you, but definitely understands you. You laugh together, cry together, drive your parents crazy together and spend your entire childhoods doing almost everything else together. Including things that are pretty weird. Siblings do weird things together, especially as kids. Something that would be considered not okay to do with a human who isn’t your sibling is totally acceptable to do with your sister or brother.

Here are some things that most of us probably did as kids with our siblings that would most likely be pretty weird to do as adults:

TV remote control controller

The person in control of the TV remote control was the ultimate TV decision maker. There was no greater living room achievement. But it usually didn’t happen without a hair-pulling, pinching, arm-burn-giving, tickle fight. One that most likely wouldn’t happen as adults, unless it really needed to.

Eat gross things

Does this sound familiar? “Close your eyes and try this. You’ll like it, I promise.” But you didn’t like it at all, because it was something super gross, and your brother thought he was hilarious (he was). As adults, we probably wouldn’t offer someone a ketchup, relish, ice cream, onion, orange juice, peanut butter concoction.

Chase each other through the house

Did this ever happen to you? Your sister got mad at you for copying her, so she pinched you, then you pinched back harder. So, she chased you through the house until you ran into your bedroom and slammed the door in her face. Can you image that happening now?

Cereal box barricades 

At the breakfast table, remember taking out all the cereal boxes from the pantry to make a cereal fort so your sibling couldn’t see you? Bonus if the cereal box had fun games to play on the back.

Knock on bedroom wall

If your walls were connected, you probably had some kind of knocking signal to each other. Maybe it was just saying hi when you were supposed to be in bed sleeping, or maybe it was a code from your sister to sneak over and rub her back (and then she’d pretend to be sleeping when it was her turn to rub yours). As adults, you’d probably just text.

“Stay out” sign on your door

They were probably pretty necessary as kids, but as adults, it might seem a little aggressive to put a sign on our front door demanding our siblings to stay out.

Fart on each other

This was the most dreaded, and usually used as a weapon in desperate situations. It was also used in normal situations, because why not? Adults typically fart on each other less than kids do.

Peel each other’s sunburns

Gross, but necessary.

Spit string in each other’s faces

Remember this one? This was the best worst game ever. The best if you were the one doing the spit stringing, and the worst if you were on the receiving end. But nothing was worse than when your sibling didn’t accurately judge the speed and flexibility of the spit string, as it gently landed on your face.

Room barriers

If you shared a room with your sister or brother, the chances of you having a line (real or invisible) separating the two sides are pretty high. If one of you crossed the line… someone was getting a spit string. As adults? Probably not sharing a room anymore. Or spit stringing.

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