13 Weird Things That Only Happen at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is upon us, which means new looks for 2015, celebrity cameos and eccentricity to the max. Over the next several days, everything that we know to be true will be turned on its head. Famous people from different worlds will collide, champagne will be popped at early hours of the morning, everyone will be obsessed with spring clothes even though it’s fall and people will dress—on and off the runway—like they’re from a gloriously fashionable planet in outer space. As we’ve seen from past seasons, anything goes. So, let’s welcome one of the most extravagant and wildest times of the year with a rundown of wonderfully weird things that only happen at New York Fashion Week.

1. Super famous people hang out on fold-out chairs

via Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Sure this might also happen at Fashion Weeks in Paris and London, but when it comes to celebrities, New York really packs them in.

2. New hairstyles are invented


A ’60s beehive and a canopy of horizontal bangs? Yes please.

3. Group photos of fashion icons like Mr. Jay from ANTM end up on Facebook and Instagram


Because if you don’t document NYFW, were you really even there?

4. There is always very uh, conceptual, surrealistic art.


5. Sometimes fashion that looks like you’re either wearing a sock or you’re ready to Kill Bill will happen


6. There are giant scarfs that say “FEAR.”


7. Cats literally walk on the cat walk

via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lily the gorgeous rescue cat took part of the 2011 Tracy Reese fashion show. Reese, who partnered up with Purina, stated, “cats have a lot of energy, which was the perfect complement to the models and my new line.”

8. Sometimes a bedazzled Cat Woman makes an appearance


Our appreciation for felines can come in many forms, including ones that are comic book-inspired. (Yay, Rodarte!)

9. Furry underwear can be a thing

via Conor Lamb

You know, those actually look very comfortable.

10. Fancy fashion people party like pre-teens


In 2011, Alexander Wang hosted a carnival party that included bumper cars and carousels and it looked awesome.

11. People wear tartan body cages


12. The term ‘shoes’ is used loosely, very loosely. 

via Jason DeCrow/AP/Press Association Images

Betsey Johnson is allowed to do WHATEVER she wants because Betsey Johnson is a goddess.

13. People are not expected to smile, even if they’re wearing face paint.


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