13 kinda weird things all bookworms do

1. Burst into laughter while reading.

There’s always that one hilarious author that you can’t read in public without cracking up and weirding everyone else out.


2. Have an intense emotional reaction after finishing a chapter or book.

To everyone else, it looks like you’re flipping out suddenly over nothing, but in reality, YOUR WORLD WAS JUST SHATTERED BECAUSE THAT CHARACTER JUST KILLED YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER AND WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED.


3. Wish a very painful death on fictional characters with all your heart.

Sure, House of Cards fans do this plenty, but there’s nothing *quite* like book hatred.


4. Forget literally all biological necessities so you can keep reading.

In fact, you’ll often only remember you haven’t eaten lunch when someone in your book eats a sandwich and you’re like, “Oh, wow, a sandwich sounds good right now.”


5. Satiate aforementioned bodily urges while reading.

Book-lovers know you only need one hand to eat. They also know that being on the toilet is way more exciting when you’ve got a book to read.


6. Get sweaty during tense parts of the book.

Ever read a particularly stressful section only to realize that you’ve sweat through your shirt? Yeah, it’s a thing.


7. Imagine our celebrity crush engrossed in a good book.

Because we know that nothing is sexier than reading.


8. Suddenly get self-conscious about a ~sexy~ scene when reading in a public place.

Those two characters FINALLY hooked up, and the scene is even steamier than you’re imagining. . . but you’re on the train, and it KIND of feels like you’re reading porn. Like, no one knows/cares, but you still hold the book closer to you juuuuust in case.


9. Daydream about your stunning personal library of the future.

If you don’t already have one, that is.


10. See beautiful places and think, ‘Hmmm, this would be a nice reading spot.’”

Because a beach is never just a beach — it’s a reading nook.


11. Bringing at *least* two books with you everywhere.

You know, in case you finish the first one. And maybe a third, in case you finish the second one. Carrying them sucks way less than being stuck without a book!


12. Plan your bags around your books.

Because stylish oversized purse isn’t for fashion — it’s for the luxury of carrying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all over the place.


13. Regularly freak out over just how many books there are in the world.

Is it a beautiful or a terrible thing that you’ll never be able to read every single book that exists? Both. And that’s the beauty of being a bookworm. <3


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