If you do this weird thing in the shower, you’re not alone because A LOT of people are with you.

BREAKING NEWS: 61 percent of Americans pee in the shower!

You’re probably thinking one of two things: “Gross” or “Only 61 percent?” We feel you both ways. It’s obviously super gross to think about standing in your own urine, or worse, someone else’s urine (you know, if you happen to shower with someone or whatever), but sometimes it just makes the most sense. We all know that warm water can cause pee feelings. And it’s not really practical to hop out of the shower to use the toilet, because not only will you be cold, you’ll leave a trail of water all over the place — and that’s a safety hazard. Not to mention causing a huge mess. So, if you’re in the shower and have to pee, it’s pretty reasonable to just pee.

Here in California, we’re in a serious drought. So not only is peeing in the shower acceptable, it’s a recommended way to save water. If peeing in the shower is cool, consider me Miles Davis. OK, I think I did that Billy Madison quote wrong, but it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to using it in a real sentence.

Peeing in the shower is just one of the weird things people admitted to doing in the bathroom in a survey conducted on behalf of Abcotechbrand.com, makers of a wireless waterproof Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker.

Abco Tech founder Yossi Fisch explained why he thinks people are cool with doing gross things in the bathroom.

“The bathroom is one of the few sanctuaries in your home where you can let your hair down, release the tensions of the day and just be yourself,” Fisch said in a press release. “People cling to certain habits, whether while using the toilet or bathing, and music is often part of that routine.”

Huffington Post listed some of the other weird/gross/totally normal things from the survey that people admitted to doing while in the privacy of their own bathroom:

  • 50 percent of respondents said they fold their toilet paper before wiping themselves while 30 percent just wad it up.
  • 60 percent wipe front to back while 20 percent go against the grain and do it back to front.
  • 60 percent believe a toilet paper roll should go over the top and in the front, but 13 percent prefer it rolling under and in the back.
  • 43 percent admit to checking the contents of the bowl before flushing.
  • 37 percent look at their toilet paper after wiping.

And these are some things Americans do in public bathrooms:

  • 45 percent say they cover the toilet seat with paper before doing their business.
  • 36 percent use their foot to flush instead of their hands.
  • 35 percent refuse to actually sit on public toilets, preferring to hover over the seat instead.

TBH, it’s pretty refreshing to know that so many people do weird things in the bathroom, making the weird things a lot less weird.

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